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  • UPC: 756637000000
  • SKU: 10212855
  • Model Number: 41-01031

Treats 15,000 square feet.

Agway® Greenlawn® products are the quality choice in complete lawn care.

  • UPC: 804273001111
  • SKU: 10209979

9-0-0 Produces a lush, green lawn. Non burning, slow releasing. People and pet friendly. Will not leach into water.

  • UPC: 638899000000
  • SKU: 10211002

An excellent fertilizer for rapid growth and green color.

  • SKU: 10216675
  • Promotes thick, new grass from seed or sod
  • Higher in phosphorus than our other lawn foods to help grow stronger root systems
  • Exclusive Bio-Tone formula with beneficial soil microbes
  • Environmentally friendly, non burning, no sludge or fillers
  • All-natural granulated formulation spreads easily and breaks down gradually for long-lasting feeding throughout the season
  • People & pet safe
  • 36 lb. bag

  • SKU: 10237054
  • Espoma Kelp Meal is brown seaweed harvested from cold sea waters, processed at a low temperature, dried, and ground to produce a meal
  • A natural, organic supplement providing nitrogen & potash to other plant foods & soil conditioners
  • For lawns, flowers, trees, and gardens
  • Available in 4 lb. bags