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  • UPC: 756637000000
  • SKU: 11300149
  • Model Number: 9053
Typical 99.6 percent pure salt. Low insoluble content. White, opaque appearance. High purity salt, evaporated naturally by sun and wind. Benefits: Clean, economical salt for use in all water softeners. Minimizes accumulation of brine tank residue. Crystals resist mushing and bridging.

  • UPC: 013600010751
  • SKU: 11301220
Typical 99.89 percent pure salt. Food grade, granular, white crystalline sodium chloride. Complies fully with the standards as set forth in the Foods Chemicals Codex and is approved for direct use in meat and poultry products by the US Dept of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service.

  • Clean salt for softening water
  • For use in water conditioning units
  • Naturally evaporated by sun and wind
  • Minimizes accumulation for brine tank residue
  • Recommended for two-part water softening units

  • Cleans and protects
  • Fights build-up and extends the life of your water softener
  • Extends appliance life
  • Recommended for all-in-one softening units to ensure bridging doesn't block water flow through tank
  • Recommended for heavy water users