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Save 25% Off our Yankee Candle Fragrance of the Month, Beach Walk®! About This Fragrance: Refreshing salt water and sea musk warmed with sunny notes of tangerine and orange blossom. Not valid with any other discounts or...
Valid: 06/01/2019 - 06/30/2019
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The Spartan Mosquito Eradicator is the most effective, longest lasting, continuous mosquito control system. Just add water! Eradicates mosquitoes for up to 90 days! Not valid with any other discounts or sales.
Valid: 06/01/2019 - 06/30/2019
Offered By: Liberty Home, Garden Inc.

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  • UPC: 000000000000
  • SKU: 10202842
This hormone type spray makes blossoms set fruit despite poor weather. Nearly every blossom will produce larger, meatier, almost seedless tomatoes, ripening up to 3 weeks earlier. Also for use on other veg. plants! Contains natural plant growth. Hormone -Kinetin. Not for sale in RI.

  • UPC: 000000000000
  • SKU: 10202863
Corrects calcium deficiency. Controls blossom end rot on tomatoes, other vegetables. Apply to developing fruit and foliage after periods of heavy rain or rapid growth. 4 tbsp./gal.

  • SKU: 100749
  • Encourages more flowers for best fruit production
  • Proven to promote healthy plant growth
  • Contains 8% calcium to help prevent blossom end rot
  • Long lasting, slow-release feeding with our exclusive Bio-tone soil microbes
  • 100% natural & organic ingredients with no fillers or sludges
  • 4 lb. bag; 8 lb. bag also available

  • SKU: 10214062
  • An enriched source of phosphorous
  • Feeds plants quickly
  • Contains all 3 major nutrients
  • Helps root growth and fruit & flower formation
  • Use on flowers, vegetables, trees, and shrubs
  • 6.5 lb. bag

  • SKU: 200735
  • All natural & organic chicken manure
  • Dehydrated and granulated for easy application
  • Feeds plants slowly and safely
  • Conditions soil with organic matter
  • For flowers, vegetables, trees, & shrubs
  • 3-2-3 Formulation
  • 25 lb. bags available

  • SKU: 10210675
  • Exclusive Bio-Tone formula with beneficial microbes to help plants establish fast, deep roots
  • Tomato and vegetable food
  • Helps grow plump, juicy tomatoes & healthy peppers
  • All natural, long lasting, enriched with calcium to help prevent blossom end rot in tomatoes
  • Safe for use around people & pets
  • 8 lb. bag, 3-4-6 formula

  • SKU: 109690
  • The original organic plant food
  • Complex blend of natural organics
  • Enhanced with Bio-tone microbes to improve soilfor optimum growth and blooms
  • Won't burn or leach away
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No sludges, hazardous or toxic ingredients
  • Long lasting, slow release
  • Contains organic matter for optimum growth and blooms
  • 8 lb. bag 

  • SKU: 100574
  • Instantly feeds to grow bigger, more bountiful vegetables vs. unfed plants
  • Feed every 1-2 weeks
  • Great for tomatoes and vegetables
  • Use with Miracle-Gro Garden Feeder or any watering can
  • Safe for all plants, guaranteed not to burn when used as directed
  • 1.5 lb. 

  • SKU: 378353
  • Contains natural ingredients to feed microbes in the soil
  • Contains vital micronutrients to nourish above and below ground to grow stronger, vibrant and more productive plants versus unfed plants
  • Feeds up to 3 months
  • Guaranteed not to burn when used as directed
  • For use in ground and in containers
  • Use to feed flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs and houseplants
  • 4.5 lb. shaker container