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Mazuri Mini-Pig Youth Food is a nutritionally complete, balanced diet for porcine species that designed to help young animals off to a healthy start. Specially formulated for young pigs in collections & to meet the needs of exotic miniature pigs.

Product Features:

  • Complete nutrition - Supplemental vitamins and minerals not required.
  • Contains dried whey - Contains milk proteins to help in transitioning weanlings.
  • Added fat - To provide high energy.
  • Pellet form - Easy to feed; minimizes dust and waste.
  • Zinc methionine and natural vitamin E - Provides for optimal skin condition.
  • No meat products.
  • Yucca extract - Aimed to reduce ammonia in urine.
  • Added flaxseed - To support skin and immune system health.




Formulated for growing and finishing hogs, Pork Maker Mash™ is fed when a fatter hog is desired. This feed features added Vitamin E, balanced amino acids, probiotics, and chelated trace minerals. Feed Pork Maker Mash to growing and finishing hogs from 50 lb to market weight.


A general purpose feed formulated for free choice feeding of growing hogs. Pig and Sow Pellets is enhanced with added vitamin E, balanced amino acids, probiotics, and chelated trace minerals for improved reproduction, growth, and overall health. For a lean hog, feed Pig and Sow Pellets from 50 lb to market weight, 225-250 lb. For a fatter hog, feed Pork Maker Mash™ instead.