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  • UPC: 756637291570
  • SKU: 10215422
  • Model Number: 50150107

Prepares soil for growing vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers. Balanced and fortified to yield a bounty of nutritious and delicious produce.

  • UPC: 756637291587
  • SKU: 10215423
  • Model Number: 50150108

Prepares soil for growing vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers. Balanced and fortified to yield a bounty of nutritious and delicious produce.

  • UPC: 073561730785
  • SKU: 10207115
Fast draining formula which is enriched with Miracle Gro Plant Food.

  • UPC: 756637291662
  • Manufacturer: Agway
  • SKU: 10215431
  • Model Number: 50050099

For container grown plants, ideal for repotting, ready to use.

  • UPC: 756637291563
  • SKU: 10215421
  • Model Number: 50150106
For all Indoor and Outdoor plants and containers. Nourishes plants and supports their growth.

  • UPC: 032247267830
  • SKU: 10203033
Specially formulated for African Violets with a slightly acidic pH. Premium blend of sphagnum peat moss and perlite. Enriched with Miracle-Gro Plant Food for healthy plants and blooms. Feeds instantly for a fast, vigorous start to help build strong root systems.

  • SKU: 10204434
  • Model Number: 2202
Takes the guesswork out of watering! Exclusive AquaCoir formula holds 33% more water than ordinary soils to protect against over and under watering. Contains Miracle-Gro continuous release plant food to feed up to 6 months. Enhanced with MicroMax nutrients for hearty, vigorous plant growth!

  • UPC: 032247438636
  • SKU: 10209181
Feeds plants up to 3 months with Miracle Gro Continuous release plant food.

  • SKU: 10209180
Feeds plants up to 3 months with Miracle Gro Continuous release plant food.

  • Manufacturer: Agway
  • SKU: 10215420

1 Cu. Ft. Perfect for all indoor and outdoor plants. Feeds plants up to 4 months.

  • SKU: 10215430

Perfect for new and established lawns and gardens.

.75 cu. ft. size bag

  • SKU: 10083

To help prevent thirsty plants from being mopey plants, keep them hydrated with Miracle-Gro Nature's Care Organic Potting Mix with Water Conserve. Containing natural products with moisture-holding power like yucca and coir, this specially formulated item is designed to absorb water like a sponge to protect against over and under watering. This 32 quart container of nature's care potting mix contains alfalfa meal, kelp meal, earthworm castings, and bone meal to build stronger roots. It works to nourish your plants and make sure they always have the right amount of water, not too much or too little, by working from the ground up.

PRO-MIX BX with Mycorise is a unique general purpose growing medium that contains a beneficial mycorrhizal inoculum, glomus intraradices. These microscopic fungi attach to and colonize root systems, forming a symbiosis with plants. Endomycorrhizal fungi benefit the host plant by increasing nutrient absorption (especially phosphorus, copper and zinc), decreasing the incidence of root disease, reducing water stress and stresses associated with transplanting and resulting in improved plant growth. PROMIX with Mycorise is suitable for most vegetable transplants and a wide variety of plant species.


3.8 cu. ft.

Suitable for potting or re-potting plants in containers. Specially formulated for a wide range of plant species, this formulation provides optimized drainage and aeration qualities which will benefit plant growth.


2 cu. ft.

 Pro-Mix Ultimate Seeding Mix is the ultimate peat-based growing mix for germinating seeds. Formulated with quality horticultural ingredients for growing a wide range of plant species.

  • Contains Mycorrhizae, an exclusive biological growth enhancer which promotes plant growth and increases yields.
  • Provides easier plant-care than standard mixes and results in improved seedling performance.
  • 16 quart loose fill bag

  • Blend of double screened peat moss and fine perlite gives seedlings the aeration and moisture retention they need for strong development
  • A wetting agent ensures rapid water penetration
  • The fine texture of this mix encourages high germination and easy transplanting
  • Use to germinate your seeds in flats, pots and plug trays

Available in 8 qt. and 1.5 cu. ft. sizes.

A professional quality mix.

  • Nursery Quality Formula
  • Canadian Peat Moss used for best root development
  • Uniform, consistent blend

12 quart size bag

General purpose growing medium. Ideal for all types of indoor and outdoor potted plants. Provides a firm, workable medium for plant support.


10 quart bag