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  • UPC: 025545010192
  • SKU: 10505360
36 inch heavy and extra heavy sledge hammer hickory replacement handle for 18 to 24 pound heads.

  • UPC: 025545048027
  • SKU: 10500501
This 60 inch pushbroom handle is made of selected American Ash which provides the strenght and the elasticity needed for the stress these tool must endure. It comes with a 3/4 inch metal threaded tip.

  • UPC: 025545100084
  • SKU: 10505349
36 inch hickory single bit curved replacement axe handle for 3 to 5 pound axes.

  • UPC: 025545206083
  • SKU: 10500497
36 inch straight single bit maul handle with eye head 2-5/16x13/16.

  • UPC: 025545001190
  • SKU: 10513300
36 inch length for 6 to 16 Lb. sledges and mauls. Fire finished, lacquered.