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  • UPC: 000000000000
  • SKU: 05901835
  • Model Number: 9915
100% all natural firestarter, harvested from the stumps of resinous pine trees. Takes only two sticks to start a fire in your fireplace, barbecue, campfire, or woodstove. No chemicals, no mess, no hassle!

  • SKU: 104088
  • Firewood carrier tote sits handily on the black, powder-coated metal wood rack
  • Log carrier straps easily slide on the top edges of the log holder so you can easily pick up and place the firewood tote carrier back on the rack          

  • SKU: 104091
  • Steel fixtures are used with 2x4's to make a storage rack, shelves, workbenches, and stands
  • Ideal for a log rack - keep firewood high, safe from pests
  • Racks can be built to any length
  • Fast, easy assembly with 2x4's without tools, screws, or bolts
  • Includes 4 brackets

  • SKU: 104259
  • UV resistant
  • Fits most 8 ft. log racks
  • Hook & Loop closures
  • Keeps wood neat and dry

  • SKU: 109325
  • Ideal for storing, drying or displaying firewood
  • Powder coated to withstand the elements
  • From the Open Hearth Collection
  • For indoor or outdoor use

  • SKU: 634546
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Keeps your firewood neat, clean, & dry
  • Helps keep rodents and insect pests from making a home in your firewood

  • SKU: 221921
  • Debris collector underneath
  • Small enough to place on the floor near the fireplace or in a mudroom
  • Arches at the top are both decorative and functional in that they provide reinforcement to keep structure together
  • Cross arches can potentially hold kindling for more storage
  • Made from galvanized steel with a powder-coated black finish

  • SKU: 639727

This durable, tubular steel firewood log storage rack stores firewood neatly by the fire pit or fireplace. The 40" hoop will keep an ample quantity of wood organized and ready to go. With its powder-coated finish and sturdy construction, it's engineered to last.

  • SKU: 136434
  • Quickly ignites grills, campfires or fireplaces
  • Works in wet conditions
  • 100% all natural and fragrance free
  • Contains 10 sticks

  • SKU: 137821
  • 100% natural wood that is USDA Certified, kiln-dried and cut 9" to 11" long
  • Split 1/8" to 1" thick, just the right size to start any fire
  • Perfect to use when your firewood is damp, not seasoned properly, or is too large to start on its own
  • Perfect for small wood stoves, chimineas, or outside fires
  • Packaged in a .30 cu. ft. – 4.25 mil bag with a strong integrated-reinforced handle
  • Easy to light
  • USDA Certified Bug and Spore Free

  • SKU: 170818
  • 100% All natural pine wood hand split approx 8" length
  • Safe, simple, and mess-free way to start any fire
  • Use in fireplaces, pellet stoves, and barbecue grills
  • Place two sticks in fire area and light with a match

  • SKU: 190302
  • Lights easily, ignites to a full flame in just 15 minutes without kindling
  • Fuels your fire for a full hour
  • Shaped like a log 10" long for more surface area coverage
  • Can even ignite damp wood
  • Ideal for fireplaces and wood stoves, as well as fire pits, bonfires, and campfires
  • Made in the USA

  • SKU: 221323
  • Quick and easy lighting
  • Perfect for igniting wood or charcoal
  • Continuous burn, no need to re-light
  • Multi-use and portable, weatherproof tub
  • Safe, no flare-ups
  • No smoke or chemical smell
  • Contains 20 firestarters

  • SKU: 195162
  • Multi-purpose firestarter ignites charcoal and firewood fast
  • Quick, convenient, and portable with no mess
  • No need for additional kindling to get your fire started
  • Great for stoves, fireplaces, and grills
  • Perfect for backpackers and tailgaters
  • Clean burning and odorless
  • Contains 12 firestarters

  • SKU: 093062
  • 100% natural pine wood
  • Great for fireplaces, barbecue grills, campfires, pellet stoves, and wood stoves
  • Hand split to approx. 8" lengths
  • Place 2-3 sticks in fire area and light with a match
  • 1.5 lb.