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Save 25% Off our Yankee Candle Fragrance of the Month, Beach Walk®! About This Fragrance: Refreshing salt water and sea musk warmed with sunny notes of tangerine and orange blossom. Not valid with any other discounts or...
Valid: 06/01/2019 - 06/30/2019
Offered By: Liberty Home, Garden Inc.

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The Spartan Mosquito Eradicator is the most effective, longest lasting, continuous mosquito control system. Just add water! Eradicates mosquitoes for up to 90 days! Not valid with any other discounts or sales.
Valid: 06/01/2019 - 06/30/2019
Offered By: Liberty Home, Garden Inc.

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  • UPC: 000000000000
  • SKU: 10206613
Terro Indoor Bait Stations represent the next generaton of usage for the Liquid Ant Killer. It's the same proven liquid formulation in a patented design that eliminates handling of chemicals and prevents drying out. Just trim the orange strip at the base of the bait station and you are ready to go. Ants enter the bait station and walk the ramp to the liquid. Once they feed and start to return ant killer to the entire colony your problem is over.

  • UPC: 000000000000
  • SKU: 06631478
  • Model Number: 21437
Squirrel sized easy set/release cage trap with one spring loaded door. Set and release mechanism, located on top of the trap, limits interaction with animal. Trap can be set and released with one hand. High-tensile wire mesh makes trap more durable without making it heavier.

  • UPC: 000000000000
  • SKU: 06643139
  • Model Number: 1064
Unique trap setting features allows trap to be set with both doors or just one. Two spring loaded doors allow animals to enter from either direction.

  • UPC: 036348010791
  • SKU: 06615554
  • Model Number: 21437
Raccoon Trap- One spring loaded door, 32x10x12.

  • UPC: 036348010777
  • SKU: 06615571
Ideal for Squirrels and similar sized animals. Constructed of sturdy wire mesh, rust and corrosion resistant. Fully assembled and ready to use.

  • UPC: 072868131622
  • SKU: 11500480
  • Model Number: 21437
Enables consumers to catch and release mice. Can be used around food, water, children and pets. Disposable or reusable - depending on consumer preference. Easy to set and bait. Ideal for consumers who do not want to see or touch the mouse.

  • UPC: 036348006459
  • SKU: 06615570
  • Model Number: 21437
This plunger style mole trap is best for use if you reside in an area with soft, rich soil.

  • SKU: 0510TRAP

Operates with a pull of the trigger system, effectively capturing coons, while excluding capture of non-target animals. Fully enclosed steel tubular design. Camo brown powder-coated finish stands up to the elements. Compact, powerful springs and a sensitive trigger.

  • SKU: 1350400

Duke Body Gripping Traps are rotating jaw traps used to quickly catch and dispatch wild animals. This style of trap was developed during the 1950's and has steadily increased in use due to the versatility and effectiveness of the trap design. Lightweight and compact body-gripping, 4-way trigger that fires the trap when an animal pushes the trigger from any direction, including from the side.

Check state laws for use.

  • SKU: 1350407

Duke #220 7" Body Grip trap is designed for use in a wide variety of predator control, fur trapping and wildlife management. Trap works well on the ground, suspended, submerged in water, under ice or when covered with light snow. When used properly they result in a quick, humane kill. Should not be used where they might trap non-target animals. Target Animals: raccoon, groundhog and fisher sized animals. Jaw Spread. 

Check your state laws regarding use.


Set Tool is Strongly Recommended For Setting This Trap.

  • SKU: 1350430

Use Body Gripping Traps to ensure that your unwanted wildlife doesn’t sneak away from your typical trapping methods. These traps feature a rotating jaw that increases the versatility and effectiveness of your trapping efforts. The durable steel design firmly snaps shut to humanely dispatch of your animal issue. Put an end to your unwelcome wildlife efficiently with Duke Body Gripping Traps.

Check your state laws regarding use.

  • SKU: 1350470

Coil Spring Traps are foot-hold restraining devices used to catch and hold wild animals. This style of trap has been in use since the early part of the 20th century and is widely accepted as a cost effective and efficient tool for managing wildlife populations. Coil Spring Traps are manufactured of steel components and powered by a set of compact coil springs.

Check your state laws.


  • SKU: 576124
  • Coil Spring traps are manufactured of steel components and powered by a set of compact coil springs
  • These traps are foot-hold restraining devices
  • #1 Coil Spring traps are used for catching & holding raccoon, mink, muskrat, & other similarly-sized animals


  • SKU: 10213011
  • Intercept stink bugs before they enter your home
  • Dual-action pheremone lure in controlled release dispenser with 3 disposable traps
  • Lasts for up to 4 weeks
  • Attracts/traps both Brown Marmorated  and Green Stink bugs up to 50 ft. away
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Odorless, non-toxic
  • May be used indoors
  • Protects fruit & vegetable gardens

  • SKU: 805515
  • The "hourglass" shaped disposable collection bags trap beetles securely
  • Irresistible, dual Floral/Pheromone lure system protects over 5000 sq.f. all season long
  • Trap lasts all season