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  • UPC: 037321001614
  • Manufacturer: Bonide
  • SKU: 10203706
  • Model Number: 21599
3-10-3 Fertilizer; plus VitaminB-1; For use on fruit, vegetables, flowers, trees, bedding plants, etc., to stimulate early and strong root development. Promotes greener, more vigorous growth. Reduces transplant shock. 4 Tbsp./GALLON

  • UPC: 033349416201
  • SKU: 10239096
Professional quality mix of peat moss and vermiculite is ideal for starting seeds and to root cuttings. Lightweight composition for easy handling.

Suitable for potting or re-potting plants in containers. Specially formulated for a wide range of plant species, this formulation provides optimized drainage and aeration qualities which will benefit plant growth.


2 cu. ft.

 Pro-Mix Ultimate Seeding Mix is the ultimate peat-based growing mix for germinating seeds. Formulated with quality horticultural ingredients for growing a wide range of plant species.

  • Contains Mycorrhizae, an exclusive biological growth enhancer which promotes plant growth and increases yields.
  • Provides easier plant-care than standard mixes and results in improved seedling performance.
  • 16 quart loose fill bag

  • Blend of double screened peat moss and fine perlite gives seedlings the aeration and moisture retention they need for strong development
  • A wetting agent ensures rapid water penetration
  • The fine texture of this mix encourages high germination and easy transplanting
  • Use to germinate your seeds in flats, pots and plug trays

Available in 8 qt. and 1.5 cu. ft. sizes.

A professional quality mix.

  • Nursery Quality Formula
  • Canadian Peat Moss used for best root development
  • Uniform, consistent blend

12 quart size bag

  • SKU: 10210405
  • Rich, premium blend of the finest natural ingredients specially formulated to grow seedlings and cuttings
  • Contains sphagnum peat moss, peat humus, and perlite
  • Enhanced with Myco-Tone to promote root growth and improve moisture retention
  • 8 quart bag